Pacifica Ventures and Lowe's have joined forces to create a production supply and support system for film and television productions at the lowest possible cost. For those productions enrolled in the program, Lowe’s is making available over 45,000 in-stock items, which include basic building materials, specialty items and more, to construct and decorate sets efficiently and effectively.
The following page will explain the initial details of the One Stop Production Supply program and how it works. If you have any problems or issues not covered in the website or questions not answered here, please email Tony Grey at for additional service support.

The goal of the program is to support productions wherever they are in North America with quality, savings, service and accounting transparency. There are over 1800 Lowe’s stores ready to serve your needs with over 45,000 items that are currently part of Lowe’s massive selection. We have also created a system to service productions’ specialized demands and have the potential to supply unique items required by productions today. With two weeks notice and a list of what you require, we can bring those items into your local market.

This program is available to the ENTIRE PRODUCTION. Every department can participate through direct purchases at Lowe’s using the LAR credit account set up for the production once the LAR has been opened.

Please alert Tony Grey to your production’s location so he can ensure that the Lowe's stores closest to your production are fully prepared to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. He will immediately get to work with the local management team. Additionally, the Pacifica Support Team can connect you to the Pro Services staff at your local Lowe's store, help you obtain bid-specific pricing on large purchases, and offer expertise on products and materials. Please feel free to contact us at

Each enrolled production will be able to purchase materials on credit through its own Lowe's Accounts Receivable (LAR) account. Please watch the video below for instruction on filling out the LAR.

Every individual production staff member with buying approval from the production's management will be issued an Buyer ID Card for credit purchases at any local Lowe’s store (purchases can begin prior to Buyer ID Card receipt with access instructions issued to the production team). To obtain Buyer ID Cards for any approved production buyers, all that is needed is a list of authorized users names and email addresses to Pacifica by the senior management of the production (email is acceptable) and Pacifica will arrange for the credit approval and the initial Buyer ID Card issuances on the production's LAR system account. Again, please feel free to connect with Tony Grey to create a system that works for your production.

All approved buyers will receive credit cards within 7-10 business days at the production office. After initial set-up, all further tracking of purchases, receipts and authorized purchasers is managed by the production management directly through the Lowe's ProServices website

Additionally, a Lowe's Account Receivables application form can be downloaded by clicking here.

A brief tutorial about online account management tools can be viewed below.

• 5% Everyday Lowe's Accounts Receivable (LAR) Point of Sale Discount:
A 5% everyday discount to the production on all purchases made using their Lowe's Accounts Receivable (LAR).

• Contractor Pack Discount:
Volume discount savings program for select items commonly used by large clients with specific needs, including enrolled productions. Items available in contractor packs are clearly marked with shelf labels and pricing details in every Lowe's store.

• Quote Support Program (QSP):
Customized volume discount pricing available upon request on every product Lowe's sells with a minimum purchase total of $2,500. Save up to 30%.

Once the account is opened and the credit established, your authorized buyers may immediately begin shopping at Lowe's and work with the dedicated Pro Services staff in their local Lowe's store to obtain pricing quotes that maximize available discounts on large orders (over $2500). These quotes are valid for 30 days. They can also contact as needed for additional assistance regarding pricing, timelines and discount.

Each enrolled production is afforded its own purchase order coding and full accounting data during the purchasing cycle. There will be confirmation of orders generated with a delivery time and date set for each order. Lowe’s/Pacifica Production Services assures strict compliance to state mandated incentive “brick and mortar" requirements as well as appropriate support at Lowe’s Warehouse locations with training and compliance assurance, long after the production has wrapped. State incentive compliance is one of the primary roles of Lowe’s/Pacifica’s Production Services Support staff, assuring not only quality at every level, but also adherence to all local and state incentive tracking requirements.

Lowe's can stock key products for production needs. Pacifica will provide to your production team information for additional lumber frequently used specifically for set construction. This additional lumber will be available for stocking near your production upon request. With your indication on this list with two weeks advance notice, Lowe's will get to work to stock your local store for your specific needs, if certain items are not already in stock. Please click the logo above to see a list of these items or click here.
Expedited delivery to productions at their designated sites will be a standard service by Lowe’s, once the production indicates its desired delivery location. Production staff will of course be able to access Lowes’ over 1800 brick and mortar store locations found all over North America for direct pick-up of additional supplies on an as needed basis. When required, Lowe’s/Pacifica can arrange an “afterhours” program of Customer Service so that no production will be left without 24/7 support.

The Lowe’s/Pacifica System provides real-time financial support documentation for each production to monitor shipments, track purchases, and assure budget compliance. Lowes provides its written assurance that all products ordered by enrolled productions will be of the highest quality (including lumber products) no exceptions. All products will come with factory warranties where provided, as well as replacement assurance from Lowes for any defective or less than excellent products.

Q: What happens if I can't login to my LAR account

A: Please call...

Q: What happens if my delivery is late?

A: Please contact Adrian

Q: How do I make returns?

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Q: What happens if an item is damaged upon delivery?

A: ...

Q: What happens if my delivery items are incorrect?

A: ...

For your convience we have provided a blank excel spreedsheet that coincides with the catgories of goods found on the Lowe’s website. Please click the arrow above to download and fill out your bid.
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